India’s stand on Aquarium Corals

We absolutely love corals and we want to buy, trade and keep them in our marine aquariums. Now as per the S.O.665(E), [11/7/2001] – Amendments to Schedule I and Schedule III of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972) most of the aquarium corals we see on YouTube and other blogs are banned in our country. India’s stand on aquarium corals is very clear as per the act most of the corals are banned and prohibited.

The amendment act states that below mentioned corals are out of reach and lead to imprisonment, fine or both;

1. Reef Building Coral (All Scleractinians)

2. Black Coral (All Antipatharians)

3. Organ Pipe Coral (Tubipora musica)

4. Fire Coral (All Millipora Specias)

5. Sea Fan (All Gorgonians)

6 Sponges (All Calcareans)

We are not alone in banning corals there are more countries which are following suit. In India having such temperatures it becomes absolutely impossible to keep corals without investing in equipment like chillers. As we move towards aquacultured and towards the sustainable hobby, I truly believe that one day India’s stand on aquarium corals will change. Until then the act in enforced on the Indian Aquarium Hobby. You can view the complete act and the amendments on WCCB.

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