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Plectranthias ryukyuensis, A New Species of Perchlet From Japan

Plectranthias ryukyuensis is the newest species of perchlet from Ryukyu Islands in Japan. The new species is described on the basis of four specimens. The largest being 2.4 inches in length. Plectranthias is from the subfamily of Anthiadinae which should be more or less resemble Anthias but these look more like the hawkfish.

Plectranthias ryukyuensis, (A. Kaneko, A. Mishiku & T. Hashimoto)

The new species has some amazing colors of pinkish-white, the upper part is light pinkish, with some patterns ranging from brownish to golden yellow. The bottom part is white with the fins transparent.

Plectranthias ryukyuensis
Plectranthias ryukyuensis, (A. Kaneko, A. Mishiku & T. Hashimoto)

This is just the start of the year and there are going to be more in the discoveries from all over the world. If you want to read in-depth about the P. ryukyuensis the papers are with Ichthyological Research.

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