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Platygobiopsis hadiatyae, A New Deep Water Goby From Indonesia

Platygobiopsis hadiatyae a new deep-water goby is described from off Panaitan Island in Indonesia. Currently, there are only 3 others know species of Platygobiopsis. The new specimen was caught by dredge at depth of 172 to 182 meters with is way beyond the recreational dive limit. The length of the caught specimen is about 1.7 inches.

Platygobiopsis hadiatyae
Platygobiopsis hadiatyae, photographed soon after collection, Indonesia (Tan Heok Hui)

This species is described on the bases of a single specimen caught and is currently known to be found in the waters along Sunda Strait in Indonesia. The name of the fish is in honor of Renny Kurnia Hadiaty who co-authored 19 other gobioid species.

Platygobiopsis hadiatyae-3
Platygobiopsis hadiatyae, fixed specimen (Tan Heok Hui)

The head and body of the specimen is translucent pinkish and the fins translucent whitish. The body is flat and long. In the future we should expect some more species being discovered from the mesophotic reef. Indonesia being a diversity hub for marine life I am sure there is more waiting and wanting to be discovered. [The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology]

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