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Leptonotus vincentae, A New Pipefish from the Atlantic Ocean

Leptonotus vincentae the newest pipefish from the south‐west Atlantic Ocean near northern Patagonia. It is being described on the based on 12 specimens found in the shallow water less than 2 m in depth of San Antonio Bay, Patagonia, Argentina. The species is named after Dr. Amanda Vincent, in return for the actions in favor of the conservation of this group of fish.

Leptonotus vincentae-1
Leptonotus vincentae, (by Diego Luzzatto)

It inhabits temperate to temperate-cold coastal waters. The color of Leptonotus vincentae is in shades in black, gray and yellow-orange; some exhibit, along the trunk and tail, light and dark sidebands, whose thickness and intensity vary between individuals. It is known only from San Antonio Bay which is a protected area administered by the provincial government.

There is much more to this pipefish and the papers are with wiley if you are interested to read more in depth about the new fish.

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