Summer Time To Cool Your Aquarium

Summers are here and so is the time when our marine aquarium’s water parameters go for a toss. The first thing what happens is that the temperature goes up to the sky and we don’t like that. Marine Aquariums require a stable temperature, any major variation can bring about a lot of pressure on the livestock and the aquarium itself. So here are some ways that we think are the best suitable for keeping your aquarium cool.


The most widely used equipment to lower the temperature in our aquarium hobby. Chillers are like air conditioners

are for us, in place of air it just cools water. Chillers are an expensive affair not only on the pocket but on the electricity as well but they are the safest and reliable way for reducing the temperature of our tank. They are automated so setting the temperature is easy. Chillers have an inlet and an outlet so hot water enters the chiller which has a condenser which starts to cool the water as water is moving continuously, over the period of time the water chills out to the temperature required.

Aquarium Fan

There are like our ceiling fan, They are just small in size. Now what happened in the

summers our aquarium water starts to evaporate as compared to wintertime. When water evaporates from the tank these fan along with the air with the small particles of water would blow air to the top of the aquarium water, the continues flow then lowers the temperature. These fans are good equipment when the temperature is not high. Like the chiller, these fans to consume less part of electricity.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack the cheapest way to cool your aquarium, buy a pair of an ice pack, freeze it and

later add to the tank or the sump. This way is the most efficient way for a nano tank. For bigger tanks this method would require a lot of ice packs and being the cheapest this is the hardest as the temperature of the water would fluctuate the most in this method. If you at home or at your office are equipped to handle these variations then this is the cheapest way where no further equipment is added to the tank.

Aquarium Placement

We would also like to point a fact that aquariums should be kept away from direct sunlight and when you are installing and aquarium we recommend look for a place which has the least temperature variation in all seasons. Precautions should be taken when marine tanks are installed in modern offices where the temperature is controlled by a centrally controlled system and at night some office shut the power supply to the air conditioners. Placing a marine aquarium in a cool place will be a great help.


Like always it's my day one in the hobby. Always been a hobbyist but never knew would dive so deep in the hobby. I too started with a freshwater aquarium. When I first started saltwater aquarium it just grew on me and I knew that had to do more in this hobby. I am a Post-Grad in Business Administration have worked with Coldstar Logistics, Amazon and Jindal's before jumping completely in the ocean. Other than aquarium hobby I have my interests in travel, digital games and consumer web technology.

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