Four Stripe Damselfish from the Western Pacific

Dascyllus melanurus, known commonly as the four stripe damsel or humbug damsel or blacktail damsel. They are native to the Western Pacific ocean and can grow up to 4 inches in length. 4 stripe damselfish are territorial and aggressive, especially as they get older.

There are three black and white vertical bands on the body with a fourth black band ending at the tailfin. The pattern is exactly like a zebra black and white. They are very hardy and often harass the other same or smaller size fish in a community tank.

This little 4 stripe damselfish will just not leave its hole to-check-out the video below;

Four stripe damsel also has a very close cousin which is a three-strip damsel without the black band on the tail. They are aggressive eaters and would eat almost everything we throw in the tank. In the wild, they are found in groups with one dominant male and several smaller females. If the male leaves or dies, the largest female transforms into a male and assumes the male job. This fish has also been bred in captivity now.

4 stripe damselfish

While keeping this fish for months we know that its a fast swimmer and hides almost instantly in the rock work, not an easy fish to catch in a mature tank. This is a good beginner fish and doesn’t require too much attention. when introduced for the first time in the tank they are bit scared and would hide as soon as we walk up to the tank and with time and maturity they are just not scared they just bully other small fish. 4 stripe damselfish are perfect when kept with little more aggressive fish such as the trigger or the large angles. So, check here for more on 4 stripe damselfish.


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