Popular fire shrimp or the bloody shrimp with bright red in color

Red shrimp Blood shripm

Lysmata debelius commonly know as the Blood Shrimp or the Fire Shrimp. This shrimp is very popular in the aquarium trade and this shrimp is found in the Indo-Pacific. Bright red body with white spots and long white tentacles They are perfectly suitable for a nano aquarium or large reef setup. Please do check the compatibility with others in your aquarium before buying them.

Red Fire Shrimp lives in caves, so its a shy creature which will penetrate to the cover in your aquarium. This shrimp can grow up to a size of two inches. This invertebrate also known for creating cleaning station in your aquarium. Now and then we get stock for the this shrimp and this invertebrate is very promising and is fabulous to just look at.

Check out the video below;

This invertebrate is easy to keep and also need to be quarantined and acclimated like we do for our fish. They would feed on our aquarium food i.e flakes, wafer and pellets. These blood shrimp are no good with cooper so issue with parasite, want to treat your tank with cooper these shrimps would die. These Fire shrimps are being bred for the aquarium trade.They are little pricey and shy, but will absolutely work the money in your aquarium. They are a perfect addition to the aquarium as they are fantastic to look at and are cleaners. Let us know your experience with this specimen of shrimp.


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