Regal Angelfish is vibrant with its multi stripes

Pygoplites diacanthus commonly known as the Regal Angelfish or the Royal Angelfish. Found at depth range of 80 m in the Indo-Pacific region. This fish will grow to a size of 10-11 inches in captivity. Regal Angelfish exhibit three major colors from yellow, white and blue. This angle has strips allover its body and dark patches near the eye.

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Regal angelfish naturally inhabit areas of rich coral growth. Often found in the vicinity of caves and feeds on sponges and tunicates. Wild regal angelfish don’t adapt easily to captive life compared to the harvested counterparts. This fish is reef save but when cared properly.

Regal Angelfish_Pygoplitesdiacanthus_MarineHobby

Regal Angels are not aggressive fish compared to other angels and placing two of them in the same tank is a work of art. It is wise to quarantine a new regal for before placing it in your show tank.

In the wild, Regal angel feed on invertebrates with a particular love for sponges and tunicates. In captivity, this fish is termed as finicky eaters and should be offered a variety of foods to ensure that all of the nutritional requirements are being met. Regal angel would require super attention and to entice this fish to eat use of fresh shrimp and portion of seafood is a great help. It is a great vibrant with its stripes angle fish for our home aquarium.


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