Pink skunk clownfish (Amphiprion perideraion) pink or peach

Amphiprion perideraion commonly known as the pink skunk clownfish or the pink anemonefish. This anemonefish comes from the reefs of the Western Pacific. Found at a depth of 40 m and grow up to 4 inches in length. The color of this fish is between pink and peach with two white strips one runs perpendicular from behind the head and one runs from the nose to back till the start of the tail fin.

Like other clowns Amphiprion perideraion also has symbiotic relations with some of the anemones. In India this fish usually costs between 1200/- to 1800/- depending on the size and place of transport. Some of the reefer have been successful in breeding and raising this fish in their tanks. We have this fish in our system for some time now and have noticed no signals of aggression towards other tank mates.

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They eat like horses and eats all kinds of flakes and pellets we throw in the tank. The color variation of this fish is so great being different from the orange color of usual clownfish. Amphiprion perideraion spawn several times a year and when the female dies the biggest male changes its sex to female.

According to some of the data available to us shows that this fish can live up to 15 years provided the water parameters are matched and optimized. The first Pink skunk clownfish was described in the year 1855. This fish does not require very large system to keep and are considered easy to moderate as pets. This fish is highly traded in the aquarium industry and is taken by all level of reefers from advance to starters. So, for all established aquarium keepers this is one fish which should be kept in the list.

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