Reef Fish and Creatures for Saltwater Tank

Some of the reef fish and creatures which are great for your saltwater tank. When we call out reef associated creatures, we mean those which are reef safe. There are plenty for our marine aquarium but before that lets do the reef fish identification if they are from the reef. As we know that all of them are not from great barrier reef. Ocean is big and less than 1 percent is coral reef.

Reef Fish, Creatures and Facts

Fire Reef Fish

Nemateleotris magnifica-firefish-Fire Dartfish-Marine Hobby (2)

Nemateleotris magnifica commonly called the Fire Fish or the Fire Dartfish. This fish encompasses a terribly distinctive body form and is full of with bright sensible colours. Dartfish encompasses a yellow head with white body and red maroon towards the tail. This fish additionally has its antenna from white to yellowish color. Nemateleotris magnifica is found at a depth of 6 to seventy meters close to coral reefs and might develop to size of three to four inches long. Dartfish is native to Indo-Pacific.

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Blue Hippo Tang

Blue Tang-3

Paracanthurus hepatus also commonly referred to as the Blue Hippo Tang or regal Tang or just Dory. They’re found at the depth of up to forty meter and may develop to thirty cm long. This beautiful blue fish is generally found within the Pacific and therefore it’s conjointly referred to as the Pacific Blue Tang. Typically, it’s is from within the Indian Ocean starting from geographic region to Micronesia.

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Hawaiian Yellow Tang

Yellow Tang Reef Fish

Zebrasoma flavescens additionally called the Hawaiian Yellow Tang. This fish is oval, features a single white line across the body that is faded and is totally because the name recommends yellow in color. The Yellow Hawaiian Tang is an energetic swimmer and is a watch catcher in most the aquariums. They were initial found within the archipelago and the common name was associated coupled they’re typically found within the Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Island and in the coast of Japan. They get to eight to nine inches long and their life can vary on the far side twenty-five years in an exceedingly clean system.

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Powder Blue Tang

Powder Blue-Reef-Fish

Acanthurus leucosternon unremarkably called the powder blue tang is native to the Indian Ocean. Powder blue tang will grow up ten inches with sensible water conditions and have a life of over ten years. This tang is oval in form, body is bright lightweight blue with a yellow fin at the side of the narrow part which is hooked up to the tail is yellow in color. Fins are yellow tinted clear. The face of the powder blue in black color printed in color white. The tail base of the powder blue is sharp and should be handled with care.

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Blood Shrimp

Blood shrimp Reef

Lysmata debelius usually known as the Blood Shrimp or the fire Shrimp. This shrimp is extremely fashionable within the aquarium trade and this shrimp is from within the Indo-Pacific. Bright red body with white spots and long white tentacles they’re perfectly appropriate for a nano tank or massive reef setup. red fire Shrimp lives in caves, therefore it’s a keep creature which can penetrate to the cover in your tank. This shrimp will become old to a size of 2 inches. This invertebrate additionally far-famed for making cleansing station in your tank.

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Feather dusters

Feather Dusters_MH

Feather dusters are one stunning worm, that I will have in my tank. From the Indo-Pacific region with the dimensions of four inches. These are simply beautiful fan or flower formed worms. These are filter-feeders who feed directly from the water column. There are such a lot of variations available that simply makes them terribly fascinating marine animal. they’re virtually like flowers they have the top and the stem that is that the tube that they’re hosting. Most importantly, as we touch or they feel stressed they merely retract within the tube instantly.

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There are many more to the reef fish and creature list and we will talk about them in coming posts. You can also look at Vivid Aquariums for some more Reef safe list. So, if you are keeping any of the reef fish other than the above, I would love to know about them in the comment section below.


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