The Black Bar Chromis (Chromis retrofasciata)

Chromis retrofasciata commonly known as the Black Bar Chromis found at the reefs of Western Pacific. This chromis is reef associated fish is found at a depth range of 10 to 120 m and can grow up to 2.5 inches. Fish has some amazing colors and patterns. The fish is tan in color has a black vertical bar at the end just before the tail. Bottom of the eye has half blue mood line with transparent fins. In most parts of India this will be available at the nearest local aquarium shops for less than 600/- per fish.

Like other chromis this fish is an excellent schooling fish and can be kept in pairs. This fish is a shy one and need rock work to hide. Peaceful in nature and easy to keep home aquarium. Chromis retrofasciata doesn’t need very large system to thrive. This chromis is with us for almost six months now and eats flakes, pellets and live shrimps. When first introduced in the system it was being chased by the other tank mates but after some time they are left alone.

Chromis retrofasciata would be an excellent choice for beginners with small tanks. If you want to add more than one black bar in your tank, I would advise to add all of them in one go. So, one can go ahead and add this beautiful chromis in you home marine aquarium.

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