Bursa Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus verrucosus)

Bursa Triggerfish is an amazing triggerfish one can keep in their saltwater tank. They are hardy and easy to keep. It has an aggressive temperament and does well with other similar in nature tank mates. Found at a depth of 1 to 20 m at reef flats and lagoons. It is also a shy fish and hides among the rocks when first introduced in the tank. This triggerfish is native to the Indo-Pacific region and has an amazing personality.

Bursa Triggerfish

When I first got the Bursa Triggerfish it would hide in the rockwork but later it swims all over the tank. It is a carnivorous fish and requires meaty diet but also feeds on pellets and flakes. It would also munch on the rocks and that is just to wear down the growing teeth they have. They also make grunting sound it is almost like there is an insect in the tank.

Offering food multiple times a day would be great so that they don’t become aggressive among other tank mates. They would grow big as much as 9 inches but usually, we introduce them small in the tank. Always acclimate the new fish to the environment they are getting into.

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