Look for Jeweled Rockskipper (Salarias fasciatus) for algae control

Salarias fasciatus is commonly known as the Jeweled Rockskipper or the Algae Blenny are found in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. They are reef associated found at a depth of 8 m and can grow up to 5.5 inches in length. Found in areas with algae-rich patches on reef and slopes. Jeweled Rockskipper has some very interesting patterns on its body. With green to grayish body has small black and blue spots on the head makes this fish very interesting to look at.

Jeweled Rockskipper is generally tolerant and peaceful in nature and goes well with other community fish. Salarias fasciatus doesn’t require very large system but definitely require established tanks with sufficient algae growth. Being an herbivorous fish, it will eat micro algae on the aquarium rocks. This skipper has the tendency of jumping as well so, some kind of aquarium lid would be very helpful.

Salarias fasciatus is pretty hardy and easy to keep. Great fish for the beginner and expert saltwater aquarist. It always is going around eating the algae and doesn’t even spare the little hair algae in the aquarium. Extremely animated and full of personality in this fish. Its entertaining and fun to watch this fish looking back at you. It is always good to acclimate the fish before adding to the new tank. Algae blenny is bit territorial, so caution is advised for adding more than two for paring up.

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