All about Picasso triggerfish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus)

Rhinecanthus aculeatus is commonly known as the lagoon triggerfish or the Picasso triggerfish. This trigger comes from the Indo-Pacific region can grow up to 12 inches in length. Found at a depth of 50 m around the reefs and sandy areas of reefs. Eats about everything that we throw in the tank and costs about 2000/- per specimen.

This fish has a triangular shaped body has some very bright color and scale patterns on the body, it has yellow color on its mouth seems like lipstick on its lips to its cheek. Like most of the trigger Rhinecanthus aculeatus too has its fins upside down. Dorsal Spine on the top when erected is an indication of defense posture. Black, white and orange bands on the body and has black lines towards the tail.

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Rhinecanthus aculeatus seems like a very shy fish when first introduced in the aquarium but after some days of feeding swims about every ware. It hides itself in the rock work in such a way that it is almost impossible to locate it inside. Large system is required for keeping the fish thriving. Fish also has teeth and can bite while feeding also need rocks to sharpen its teeth.

Feeding from your hand and swimming around the tank is rewarding. One need to take care of the tank mates as smaller fish would feel a threat from Picasso triggerfish. This trigger is carnivores and will eat everything from flakes to pallets to shrimps to frozen. It is easy to keep and easy to feed. It also makes grunt sound in the tank. If you are looking for some action in the aquarium Rhinecanthus aculeatus is species, you should look out.

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