The beautiful Redtooth triggerfish from Indo-Pacific Ocean

Odonus niger commonly known as the Redtooth triggerfish or the Blue trigger. Their origin is from the Indo-Pacific Ocean and from a depth of 5-40 m and can grow up to 19 inches in length. This vibrant fish changes its colors and can be found in electric blue, pink or dark blue.

Redtooth triggerfish has a very different way to swim in the aquarium tanks like most of the triggers they also have fins on the end of its body which is different from other fish. This fish is an easy to keep fish but can be aggressive sometimes towards other tank mates. As soon as we introduce the trigger in the tank most of other tank mates just hide away in the beginning.

Check out the video below;

They are aggressive eaters and would feed on flakes and pellets also hard food like shelled shrimps help them in shaving the growing teeth. They require rock work to hide and they are not reef safe. Its quite an interesting fish with distinctive personality.

This fish is commonly found in most of the public aquarium and is a great fish for for our aquarium. There is an interesting journal by T. Vaitheeswaran, S. Malathi, K. Prabakar, N. Neethiselvan, V. K.Venkataramani. on the Age and growth of red toothed triggerfish and the complete set of journal is with International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies

There is an another interesting Journal regarding Population dynamics of red-toothed triggerfish along southwest coast of India by S. Ramachandran and K.P. Philip here is the Journal Marine Biological Association of India

Lastly would close by saying happy REEFING!!!


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