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Pteropsaron indicum, A New Species of Signalfish from Lakshadweep

Pteropsaron indicum is the newest species of signalfish from Lakshadweep Sea near Kerala, India. The new signalfish is described on the bases of two male specimens measuring about 3.3 inches. Trawled up from 70 m depth or 230 feet. The new species is known only from the Lakshadweep Sea (Laccadive Sea) off Kerala, southern India. P. indicum has two bright-yellow bands running along sides and on the top with three vertical bright-yellow band on the head to gills.

Pteropsaron indicum, Lakshadweep Sea, India (B. Kumar)

Signalfish most of time seem like gobies but are not. They tend to be more colorful and are generally found on the open sand. The new signalfish look amazing with the three bands that might be the reason for keeping the common name as the Indian Signalfish. The complete description papers are at Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

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