Remember While Buying A New Fish

A beautiful aquarium with colorful fish is what everyone desires. Remenber while buying a new fish, when you walk into a marine aquarium shop your desire converts itself to want and at last when you walk in for a beautiful colorful fish that is your need. We need those fish in our tank not just their presence we want them to grow as we are humans and we are emotional. Even if the fish is 10 days old in our tank,

we get emotionally attached to it, its heartbreaking to see anything wrong with them.

So here are certain things one should remember before buying a new fish for your aquarium. It is ok to forget as these are not mandatory and there are still much more what one can refer to as every aquarium has a different built.

Own Tank Evaluation

Firstly we need to be aware of what is happening in our own aquarium, what is the ph, what is the temperature, what water parameters are we running, what is the tank capacity, we need to know our own tank specs. Walking into a shop, the first question what every fish keeper asks is what is your tank size for which you are buying the fish and next question is what are the parameters if we don’t know the answers to these basic questions we would end up buying what was not the need. So before buying a new fish look at your own aquarium and at that moment you will finish 50 per cent of the selection.

Tank Size & Fish Size

If we humans need space, these fish also need it too. They love to swim and not giving them the space required would end up bad. So before buying keep in mind space, you have put an Emperor Angel in a nano tank or Clown Goby in a wall to wall aquarium will not satisfy our need. Before buying any livestock we should do our homework as size will matter, as we grow these fish will also grow. So research on them read about them.

Eating Habits

Are you ready for feeding the fish? Food is one of the most important factors in an aquarium. Food is the essence of the colors that we have in our tanks. Fish can sometimes starve itself to death, so for that, we need to be ready for the extreme. Wide range of food is available in the market the most common are the flakes and the pallets in a different size, shrimps, pods try to keep what you can it will end up in your favour only. If you are buying a Lion Fish, algae wafers will not help as they require more meaty food. Keep a variety of food in hand.

Health and Appearance

Look at the fish carefully, look for signals of unhealthiness look for white spots, fin rot or even pop eye, look at the fish overall, we know it is difficult when it comes to actual buying, but some things we can catch for example if the fish has lost its colors or if the fish is laying on the bottom and breathing heavily or even if the fish is too skinny. By just looking at the fish a lot can be identified so look at the fish carefully.

Tank Mates

If you already have fish in your aquarium then look for compatible fish and if buying the first one then look long term as to what all fish you desire.

These fish are territorial all will fight for its place. We don’t want the gladiator fights in our tank. In terms of water requirement without checking for compatibility, mismatches are possible. Also if have a community tank and we notice two of them fighting, the whole tank looks unattractive and finally, you have to put your hand inside and separate them in a breeder box or in the sump. Try to avoid these situations. Give some room between two rock work, install some hiding places for them to hide.

So with this, I say Happy fish buying!!!

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