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Enneanectes flavus, A new triplefin blenny from the southeastern Caribbean

Enneanectes is a genus of triplefin fish in the family Tripterygiidae. With Enneanectes flavus there are currently 15 recognized species in this genus. These specimens are small about 3 to 4 cm found only in the northeast Venezuela and Tobago. The species is described by having mature adults with black spinous dorsal fins and mature males with a bright yellow rear body and tail.

Enneanectes flavus holotype
Enneanectes flavus, holotype, mature male, Los Testigos, Venezuela (J.L. Van Tassell & D.R. Robertson).

Not commonly seen in the aquarium Industry. Uncommon and limited to the Caribbean it will be next impossible to see them in the Local Fish Stores. E. flavus n. sp. is described by Benjamin Victor in the latest volume of the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

Enneanectes flavus, paratype, mature male, Paria Peninsula, Venezuela (J. L. Van Tassell & D.R. Robertson)
Enneanectes flavus, mature male, Los Frailes, Venezuela (J.L. Van Tassell & D.R. Robertson)

Type specimens are deposited at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, USA, and the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. (USNM).

Enneanectes flavus, paratype, mature male, Tobago (C.C. Baldwin)

This year is going to be a year of new discovery for the E. flavus complete set of papers are here.

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