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Gymnoxenisthmus flavicinctus, New Goby from the Red Sea

Gymnoxenisthmus flavicinctus is the second species which has been discovered in the genus. The only known species in the genus is Gymnoxenisthmus tigrellus from the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia. The size of the new goby is less than an inch collected from a depth of 14-16 m from a coral reef slope. They are so small and tiny that it is easy to overlook or miss them in nature.

Gymnoxenisthmus flavicinctus-1
Gymnoxenisthmus flavicinctus, Sharm Obhur, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Red Sea ( S.V. Bogorodsky )

The new Gymnoxenisthmus flavicinctus is translucent, The head has yellow stripes. Upper eyelids have neon dots and body has a horizontal dark brown stripe with yellow verticle stripes. This species is known only on the basis of the collected specimen at a depth of 14 to 16 m, at Sharm Obhur, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Habitat of the new species is steep coral-reef slope down to about 30 m depth, The upper half of the slope characterised by short steps covered with hard and soft corals; the known specimen was collected at the base of a soft coral.

Gymnoxenisthmus tigrellus
Gymnoxenisthmus tigrellus (S. Traenkner)

You can read more in depth about the G. flavicinctus at BioTaxa and ResearchGate.

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