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Cerogobius petrophilus, A new goby from the Red Sea

Cerogobius petrophilus is the new species of goby fish from the Red sea. The specimen collected are small to a size of 1 inch. Collected from a stone-rubble habitat at Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, at depths of 8–15 m. It was also observed underwater at the southern tip of Ras Mohammed and Marsa Alam in Egypt.

The colour on the Cerogobius petrophilus seems white, silver and black dots. This is just not another goby fish this a new new gobiid genus. Gobies are so plentiful and diverse that we keep getting new one from around the world. Cerogobius petrophilus is unique among other gobies in its habitat, and in this regard, it superficially resembles some species of blennies, occupying tight holes in stones covered with short algae.

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The complete set of papers and full description of the new genus and species is available with Zootaxa

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