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Trimma christianeae, New goby from the Papua New Guinea

Trimma christianeae a new species of goby fish, 9.8–18.9 mm in length. Collected at a depth of 1–4 m near the town of Alotau in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Prior to 1970, only 10 species were recognized, but, largely thanks to the widespread use of scuba-diving gear by ichthyologists in recent decades, there are now at least 100 valid species described.

Trimma christianeae, underwater photographs, Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea (C. Waldrich, upper & G.R. Allen, lower)

Trimma christianeae’s body is orange to brownish red with diffuse brown scale margins forming a reticulated pattern. The eye has an orange ring. Currently known only from near the town of Alotau in Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. The type specimens were collected from jetty pilings, log debris, and concrete stairs at the water’s edge. The species seems to have an affinity for sponge-encrusted surfaces.

Type specimens are deposited at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada (ROM) and the Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia (WAM). So, the complete description set of papers on Trimma christianeae are with Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

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