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Cirrhilabrus wakanda, A New Fairy Wrasse From The Zanzibar Island

Cirrhilabrus wakanda is the newest beautiful species of fairy wrasse from the east coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. How much we love to keep fairy wrasses in our saltwater tanks this one is from the mesophotic coral reefs at a depth of 50 to 80 m. The wrasse is very colorful with red, purple, yellow all over its body. The new species was collected using hand nets while diving on a mixed-gas, closed-circuit rebreather.

Cirrhilabrus wakanda-1
Cirrhilabrus wakanda, in situ photographs at 75 m depth, in the east coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa. (A), transitioning males (B), and females (C). Photographs by L.A. Rocha.

The name is inspired from the movie Black Panther and is a fictional East African nation of Wakanda home of super hero, which in terms to the new species is regarded to stay hidden from the world for such a long time. The new species in comparison to other Cirrhilabrus ( C. blatteus, C. sanguineus and C. rubrisquamis)

Cirrhilabrus wakanda-2
(A) Cirrhilabrus wakanda sp. nov., in situ photograph from the east coast of Zanzibar, Africa (B) Cirrhilabrus blatteus, in situ photograph from the Red Sea, off the coast of Eilat, (C) Cirrhilabrus sanguineus, aquarium photograph of a specimen from Mauritius (D) Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis, aquarium photograph of a specimen from the Maldives. Photographs by L.A. Rocha (A); E. Brokovich (B), and Y.K. Tea (C, D)

There is so much more about the new species and the paper for indepth read are with Zookeys.

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