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Eviota dalyi, A New Dwarfgoby from the Amirante Islands

Eviota dalyi is the newest species of dwarfgoby in the Eviota genus from the Amirante Islands, Seychelles, in the western Indian Ocean. We earlier had Eviota gunawanae from the West Papua in Indonesia and with the E. dalyi the total species in the genus reaches 117 in total. The new species is amazing in colors, the head is marked with a red and white pattern and the body has orange and yellow bands.

Eviota dalyi-1
Eviota dalyi, underwater photograph, Amirante Islands, Seychelles (L. Gordon)

The Eviota dalyi is smaller than .5 inches found at a depth of 16.5 m on a small coral patch north of D’Arros Island, Amirante Islands, Seychelles Republic. The fish was associated with a large massive Porites coral colony or a marginal algal-covered section of the reef with a mix of rubble and hard corals. The new dwarfgoby is named after Ryan Daly, who photographed and collected the specimen from Seychelles Islands.

Again, discovering a fish which is smaller than an inch in the open water is not easy. A lot of effort goes in finding, observing and lastly reporting the new species. Anyways there is a lot in-depth that you can read about Eviota dalyi on Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

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