OZpolish by Aquatic Habitat, The Newest Indian Company

Aquatic Habitat is the newest Indian company from Bangalore. Starts with OZpolish product line for the aquarium industry. Their mission to provide the simplest possible solution that helps everyone in the fish keeping hobby. They have tested their products for over a period of two years now and the product are now ready for us to use. As per Mr. Manish the owner, they have more product in line for the market and currently, they are being offered only on Amazon India.

Ozpolish Product line

OZpolish Bio-Cure


It is a composition of live microbes participative in the natural nitrogen cycle. They feed on the wastes from fishes and other aquatic lives to convert highly toxic Ammonia and Nitrite to less toxic Nitrate. Help in balancing the health environment within a confined aqua space.

OZpolish De Algae


Tested with findings of controlling algal growth in aquariums and ponds, without impacting any flora or fauna. It could also be used for controlling algae in other water sources or reservoirs such as water tanks, fountains and water gardens.

OZpolish O2


Has been developed to slowly release oxygen into water for a longer duration. In situations like a power outage or shifting of the display aquariums. Dissolved oxygen will no longer be an issue now.

OZpolish H2O


It is composed of selected minerals, vitamins and essential salts that are required for aquatic lives to thrive. It has also been found to help the beneficial bacteria to colonize faster, thus assisting the aquarium balance.

OZpolish De Chlorine


This not only removes chlorine but also reduce the formation of Chloramine and dissolves heavy metals in the water.

“Lastly, Please Do Not Overdose Them In Your Aquarium, Follow Instructions Carefully”

by Aquatic Habitat

India is a growing market and we need more and more products like OZpolish. We welcome Aquatic Habitat and their product line in the industry and wish them all the luck for their current and upcoming products. Meanwhile, you can visit their site I Can Aquarium and their Facebook page to know more on the products they offer.

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