Scientists re-describe Phymanthus pinnulatus, Sea Anemone from Singapore

Phymanthus pinnulatus commonly known as the Sunburst Sea Anemone is being re-described. This species was first described from a single specimen collected in 1877. The new study is based on reviewing more than 50 organisms from Singapore. The study took place over a time span of 16 years from 2002 to 2018. Where some of the specimens were collected and brought back to the laboratory for behaviour analysis and some were left in their places with pictures.

Phymanthus pinnulatus Sunburst Sea Anemone
Phymanthus pinnulatus, (A) Expanded individual of green “banded” colour. (B) Slaty-green “plain” colored individual. (C) Electric blue marginal tentacles. (D) Partially contracted individual. (by R Tan and NWL Yap)

Sea Anemones are widely found in the tropical ecosystem, Phymanthus pinnulatus or the Sunburst Sea Anemone is no different. These were found with its lower body buried in the sand or between the rocks or coral rubbles. They are easily recognizable due to their frilly and colourful appearance of its marginal tentacles.

Most of the Phymanthus pinnulatus or the Sunburst Sea Anemone has 96 tentacles of similar length equal or longer to the oral disc. Tentacles are greenish-brown, slatey-grey to blue with golden tinge tip with green, purple, or pink cast. The round disc when fully extended is 1.5 inches or more. Grey to dark brown, with white markings; in fixed specimens, cream-coloured to translucent white.

By just looking at their pictures they look gorgeous and you and read the in-depth on the species at ZooKeys.

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