Captive Bred Regal Angelfish by Bali Aquarich

Regal Angelfish is by far one of the most colorful fish in the aquarium eco-system. Here we have news of another breakthrough by Bali Aquarich in breeding Regal’s (Pygoplites diacanthus). This fish is difficult to keep and is considered as the pinnacle in the hobby. Now if we have a captive bred of this particular species, this will change everything in the marine aquarium world. This is beyond my imagination to think of the outcomes of this breakthrough.

Wild caught Regal Angelfish are hard to find and are expensive in the market. It requires a lot of care and a large established system to keep. It not just buying and keeping Regal’s, It is hard to get them to start eating on aquarium fish food. But a Captive Bred Regal Angelfish will change everything we currently know about this fish.

I too desire one of the Captive Bred Regal Angelfish for my hobby. Below is a small video of a wildcaught regal angel;

BALI AQUARICH is Indonesia based and have successfully bred many other species for the aquarium hobby. Earlier this year we had a Captive Bred Purple tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum) from them.

Anyway, you can also read more about this breakthrough on Reef2Rainforest and ReefBuilders.


Like always it's my day one in the hobby. Always been a hobbyist but never knew would dive so deep in the hobby. I too started with a freshwater aquarium. When I first started saltwater aquarium it just grew on me and I knew that had to do more in this hobby. I am a Post-Grad in Business Administration have worked with Coldstar Logistics, Amazon and Jindal's before jumping completely in the ocean. Other than aquarium hobby I have my interests in travel, digital games and consumer web technology.

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