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New jawfish, Opistognathus thionyi found off Brazil

Thiony Simon

Name Opistognathus thionyi is kept in the honor of Thiony Simon (1985–2016), who passed away during preparation of this article. He collected most of the type material of the new species and dedicated his life to study and conservation of Brazilian reef ecosystems.

A new Jawfish, Opistognathus thionyi has been discovered near Brazil, Trindade Island, Dogaressa Seamount, and Fernando de Noronha Archipelago.What an interesting Opistognathus thionyi is with, chestnut brown to dark brown body color with five very irregular and poor defined dark bands, eyes reddish brown. So firstly this fish has been recorded from 10–65 m deep, and always in small burrows on sandy rubble bottoms. Therefore a hiding shy fish.


secondly now with Opistognathus thionyi the Brazilian sea has total of six Opistognathus,

  1. O aff. aurifrons
  2. O. brasiliensis
  3. O. cuvierii
  4. O lonchurus
  5. O. vicinus,
  6. Opistognathus thionyi
Opistognathus aff. aurifrons. Photograph by Raphael M. Macieira
Opistognathus brasiliensis. Photograph by Raphael M. Macieira
O. cuvierii. Photograph by Cláudio L. S. Sampaio
Opistognathus lonchurus Photograph by Raphael M. Macieira
O. vicinus. Photograph by Raphael M. Macieira

So certainly an interesting read about the all of the Opistognathus. Most importantly the complete set of papers on Opistognathus thionyi are with Zookeys. We have been finding quite many new species across the globe. So there could be many reasons of this from climate change to evolution, but surely the year isn’t over yet. In short there is still more to see.


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