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Foxface or Foxface Lo (Siganus vulpinus)

Siganus vulpinus commonly known as Foxface or Foxface Lo. This fish is usually spotted near the reefs of Western Pacific. This fish can grow up to 10 inches in length. It’s body is yellow in color with black and white design on the face. This fish has sharp pointed dorsal and anal fins and can be very painful if get inside human skin.

We receive this fish inside three layers of packing as it can puncher the packing bags with its sharp fins. Large establish tank is recommended for keeping a fox. Also it is suggested to keep only one specimen per tank. Although this fish is highly traded in the aquarium industry but is also poisonous for human use and if pricked by the fins. Foxface is a herbivores in nature and feed on all kind of vegetation which also includes algae and easily feed on flakes and wafers. If not given a proper diet they do have the tendency to nib on some soft corals.

Foxface can change it’s colors from yellow to patches of light colors which seems like camouflage when in stress. This fish is hardy and easy to keep in home aquariums. When first introduced in the tank fox will hide away in the rock work and will only surface when un-stressed. Fox is from the family of Siganidae which is the rabbitfish family and some very cool brothers and sisters which looks some what very similar such as the one spot foxfish which has a black spot on its body and the magnificent foxface which is bit grey in color.

One Spot and Magnificent

We love foxface and is a perfect choice for an established aquarium. It is not just a peaceful and a beautiful specimen it also acts a cleaning crew for our home aquarium.


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