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Cryptocentrus altipinna, New Goby from the Indian Ocean

Cryptocentrus altipinna is a new highfin shrimpgoby which has the first dorsal fin very high, much higher than second dorsal fin. It has a very distinctive color pattern whole body is covered with irregularly shaped spots and numerous small bluish white spots. Some for the colors that can be seen are red, white, blue and the body seems yellow.

Cryptocentrus altipinna Female paratype
Cryptocentrus altipinna, Libong Island, Thailand, A) Male holotype, B) Female paratype, C) Juvenile non-type (K. Shibukawa).

The species is known only from the Indian Ocean, from Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman Sea off Thailand. The new species is most like C. caeruleomaculatus and C. strigilliceps. The specimens are 2 to 3 inches in length.

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Cryptocentrus altipinna
Cryptocentrus altipinna, A) Sri Lanka, male paratype, B) Tanzania, female paratype (J.E. Randall).

This Cryptocentrus altipinna is a spectacular fish to look at and the compete set of description papers are with the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

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