Around the World [Monday Blues]

Here are the excitement and rush happening all over the world in the most related to Sea Life and our Oceans. There is so much what is going on I thought will just bring all the pieces together. Under Monday Blues we would have everything under the issue of Global warming to new launches to must to know. So, below are the few happenings that caught my eye;

largest aquarium in the Middle East opens at Mall of Muscat, Oman

Oman largest aquarium
Photo Credit: MEMO

Oman is the capital of Muscat and now they have an aquarium spanning over 2.2 million square feet in space. They are planning to host over 30000 species of marine life in the coming time. First the Coral Reef Garden project in the UAE now this, Middle Eastern countries are taking interest in the sea life. Middle East Monitor

1,95,728 Never Seen Viruses Just Discovered in the Ocean

Photo Credit: A. Deniaud/Fondation Tara Ocean

This discovery is made during Pole to Pole expedition. This finding will impact on the study of evolution of life and potential consequences of climate change. Arctic Ocean being the hotspot for these new viruses. The samples were collected from the year 2009 to 2013. Cell

30 hammerhead sharks died at Europe’s largest aquarium

30 hammerhead shark dead
Photo Credit: John Bazemore/AP

30 hammerhead sharks which were introduced during 2011 and 2018 at the Nausicaá National Sea Center died on Thursday. The public aquarium may face legal action. As per the staff the sharks died due to fungal infection. Telegraph

Stranded on Florida Beach the baby Dolphin Had Stomach Full of Plastic

Photo Credits: NOAA

This is something which is not due to natural cause. Humans pollution is the cause of death. Plastic is proving to be way more dangerous for the sea life. A study estimates 5.25 trillion particles of plastic in the ocean. Newsweek

2 Months of Fishing Ban Continues in India

Fishing vessels Fishing Ban

The 60 days of fishing ban stared on the 15 of April in India and will continue for the conservation of marine fish. This is affecting the fisherman community and the related industries such as the ice plants. But what has to done is to be done this will impact the fish breeding in a major way in coming years. The Indian Express

Pakistan conducts beach clean-up drive

Pakistan Beach cleanup

Ocean has no boundaries and sea life do not know about countries. WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with a commercial organization at Sea View, Clifton, Sandspit and Hawksbay beaches in the city on Saturday did some clean-up. Collecting a total of 140 bags of garbage via 800 volunteers. The News

Reader’s Digest Gives Out 13 Weirdest Deep Sea Creatures

Weirdest Deep Sea Creatures

Ocean is full of bizarred living creatures and Reader’s Digest is giving of some of the species which they think are weird. Reader’s Digest

Well, I wanted to start the Monday Blue section for a long time now. If I have missed on any of the big things. You can put it in the comment section for the next update.

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