Starry Goby Successfully Bred by Biota Aquariums

Here is another captive bred this time it is a Starry Goby (Asterropteryx semipunctata) by Biota Aquariums. This comes right after the news for Banded butterflyfish (Chaetodon striatus). So far, this month has been all about aquaculture and captive breeding. Starry Goby is a reef-associated fish, found at a depth range of 1 to 20 m in the Indo-Pacific region to the Hawaiian belt. The Goby reaches a maximum size of 2.5 inches and is an inhabitant of burrows or holes in the reef.

Starry is a beautiful Goby with neon dots all over its body and has an elongated dorsal spine. This is an easy to keep and care for fish for our aquariums. As we are advancing in the future, we are going to hear much more of captive breeding. Anyways, Biota Aquariums is Florida based and is heavily into aquaculture. They have their own aquaculture farm in the Pacific called Biota Palau Marine Life Nursery and one aquaculture farm in Florida itself.

Breeding marine fish for the aquarium trade is one very important aspect in the ornamental fish trade industry. This means a lot to people like us in the hobby. Their activities would impact ocean resources and our aquarium in major ways. Here is what National Geographic had to say back in 2016. Getting Healthy, disease-free fish is one of the main features in captive breeds. Further, I look forward to more in this particular trade. Meanwhile, here you can read more on Biota Aquariums on their Official Site.

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