Yellowtail Damselfish (Chrysiptera parasema)

Here is another beautiful Chrysiptera, we call this Yellowtail Damselfish from the Indo-Pacific region. This fish is reef-associated and is a semi-aggressive and easy to keep fish. The Body is blue and just the tail is yellow with two black strips across the mouth to eye. Spotted at a depth range up to 20 m and can grow out to be 2.8 inches. This fish is very popular in the hobby and often times considered as a starter fish for the home marine aquarium.

Yellowtail Damselfish

It will hide when first introduced to the aquarium and then will be all over the place. Yellowtail Damselfish eats like a horse whatever I throw in the tank. Small, quick and very difficult to catch in an established aquarium with rock work. This fish is also sometimes confused with the Azure Damselfish as both look similar. This fish shows aggression towards other smaller fish and similar fish.

Yellowtail damsel

If you like the damselfish this is a perfect imported fish for your aquarium. This is a hardy fish and can tolerate different standards of water. Does not require very large systems if you want to keep a yellowtail damselfish. So, if you want to read about this fish in depth here is the link to FishBase.

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