Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas)

Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas) also commonly known as the brown tang. Very popular in the marine aquarium trade. Found on almost all of the coral rich reefs but native to the Indo-Pacific region, is an undemanding tang in a home aquarium. Usually found at a depth of up to 60 m from the genus Zebrasoma similar to the yellow and purple tang. This tang is bit yellow in front and dark brown in back with a white mark on the starting of the tail, body of a scopas tang is filled with dots and lines anyhow there are different variation as well. The usual size found trade is about 1 to 2 inches but this fish can grow up to 15 inches.

Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas)-1

If you are starting in the tang’s for the first time this fish is perfect or I would say a great choice. Scopas is low on cost, feeds on almost all marine flake and pellet food. Not very aggressive in nature and does well with other tank mates. One needs to feed this fish on a regular basis or it will become thin and skinny. Offering seaweed pellets and dried sheet on a regular basis is great for increasing the immunity and overall health.

Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas)-2

I have kept scopas in a 150 liter tank with no issues as such. Always acclimate the new fish before adding and quarantining is a great habit in the hobby.

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