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Psilotris vantasselli, A New Species of Goby From The Tropical Western Atlantic

Psilotris vantasselli is the newest goby from off Bonaire and New Providence Island, Bahamas. The goby is from mesophotic reefs meaning far more deeper than the recreational diving limit. The body of the goby has bright yellow bands across the body and with white dots on the fins and black dots around the yellow bands. Currently, there are six known species in the genus Psilotris.

Psilotris vantasselli-1
Psilotris vantasselli (by Carole C. Baldwin)

The new goby is further differentiated from the similar species of Psilotris and Varicus based on the coloration, absence of scales on the head and body and 15–16 pectoral-fin rays.

Psilotris vantasselli

These fish are pretty small in size and can easily go unnoticed. With the new technology advancement in deep water submersibles and scuba equipment is giving an edge to the scientists in discovering the new unknown deep water marine life. There is more to the new Psilotris vantasselli and papers are with Zootaxa.

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