Can sound of healthy reef underwater help our coral habitat

Mass coral bleaching in the year 1998 and 2010 has brought corals in front of the world. Since then efforts are being made to revive the reefs of the world. This will definitely take years to recover what is lost. According to an experiment done in Australia’s northern Great Barrier Reef. Study shows that playing the sound of a healthy reef underwater helped the manipulated reef compared to the unmanipulated reef.

For 40 days during a natural recruitment season from November to December 2017. Underwater Loudspeakers were used to broadcast healthy sound-scapes on experimental coral-rubble patch. The data later was compared to the other patches without the speakers. The result showed that there were significantly more herbivores, omnivores, planktivores, invertivores and piscivores on acoustically enriched reefs than on acoustically unmanipulated reefs.

Coral reefs are very important for our planet. They are home for billions of sea creatures, they support the livelihood of humans all over the world. Millions of people are directly or indirectly depending on coral reefs. From food to income to recreation, it is essential to protect the reefs. A Lot of people and scientist are fighting for their survival. [Nature]

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