Pretty little purple tang

Zebrasoma xanthurum also known as the purple tang or yellowtail tang. This a reef fish found in Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden and off to UAE sea. Purple tang how the name suggest is purple in color, body is covered with line patters and spots on the face the tail and the pectoral fins are complete yellow.

Its been recorded once a length of at 14 inches in the wild, but usually purple tang are seen at a length of upto 10 inches.

Check out a small video below;

They are easy to moderate to keep and are very popular in the reefing community. Zebrasoma xanthurum is a herbivore grazer feeding fish mostly on benthic algae. Most of the quarantines purple tang instantly start eating food when introduced to a home aquarium. It is important that we offer them marine-based seaweed and algae which help in improving their overall health.

We always has good experiences with the purple tang and is one of the most liked fish in our system. The colors are amazing the pattern is pretty. They are bit expensive compared to a yellow tang but purple tang just has next level edge if compared. They can be bit aggressive at times to other tank mates of similar body shape so keep a track if have a scopas or a yellow tang in the system.

Zebrasoma xanthurum is a very striking fish and instantly catches the eye of the viewer. Brilliant colors, pretty pattern purple tang are a great choice for large reef systems.



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