Ninety Percent of Sri Lanka’s Coral Reefs Are Dead

This is the ugliest news ever 90 Per cent of the reefs dying in Sri Lanka means a lot. If reefs die they also claim the marine life all around it. Reef dying not only affects the aquarium industry it also affects tourism to that location. As per the Marine Environment Protection Authority of the country, this is due to pollution, illegal fishing methods and climate change. All the three reasons mentioned here are affecting the oceans all over the world.

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean close to the south of India. This month Dr Terney Pradeep Kumara, the general manager of the marine authority came forward in media urging that Sri Lanka has to take some urgent and drastic actions to save the remaining 10 per cent of the coral reefs.

Ninety Percent of Sri Lanka’s Coral Reefs Are Dead-1

The authorities have also confirmed that Marine Environment Protection Authority will join hands with Samurdhi Development Department which will be running campaigns of cleaning the coasts which will also be a payoff to the participants getting 100/- LKR per hour. Sri Lanka has a coastline of about 1585 km with 60 odd small islands around it.

Lastly, I am hoping that people would get up from their sleep and look around what is actually happening. Pollution, illegal fishing and climate change are one of the greatest threats to all of us.

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