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Trimma putrai, A new species of goby from the Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Trimma putrai, another goby from four locations of the Indo-Pacific Ocean (Bali, Flores, Raja Ampat Islands and Atauro Island). Such an interesting small fish full of colors and markings of yellow, red, orange and white all over the body and head. The patterns and spots are also visible on the fins of this beautiful goby fish.

A) Juvenile, 10.5 mm, Raja Ampat Islands. B) Juvenile, Flores (M.V. Erdmann)

The genus Trimma contains 104 valid described species which are reef associated and are native to Indian and the Indo-Pacific region. Most of the species in the genus are small or tiny in size less than 1.5 inches. The specimens collected are deposited at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada and the Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia.

A) Female, 22.1 mm, Raja Ampat Islands (blue arrows point to tiny white saddles on the dorsum). B) Male, 13.9 mm, Flores. C) Male, 16.5 mm, Bali (M.V. Erdmann)

With the technology advancement in the scuba-diving equipment more and more new species are being discovered all around the world now. Earlier last week we also came to know about Trimma christianeae another colorful goby from the Papua New Guinea and now we have Trimma putrai.

So, the complete set of description papers on Trimma putrai are with Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.

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