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Mollisquama mississippiensis, A new Kitefin Shark from the Gulf of Mexico

Mollisquama mississippiensis is the second shark in the genus after Mollisquama parini and is described on the basis of five diagnostic features not seen on the only other known M. parini. The new kitefin shark is small in size about 5.5 inches, weighing about 14.6 g and was first discovered back in 2010, on a midwater trawling research project to assess predator-prey dynamics of sperm whales. The trawls ranged in depth from 5 m to a maximum depth of 580 m.

Mollisquama mississippiensis
Mollisquama mississippiensis, Illustrated to scale in (A) lateral and (B) ventral view (MARK A. GRACE, MICHAEL H. DOOSEY, JOHN S. S. DENTON, GAVIN J. P. NAYLOR, HENRY L. Jr. BART, JOHN G. MAISEY)

Mollisquama mississippiensis has five pairs of gills are surrounded by a light cream patch over a dark coal gray body. Similar to Mollisquama parini the new kitefin shark also has two pockets on the side, possibly the kitefin shark has the ability to emit kind of bioluminescent fluid to distract potential predators.

Mollisquama parini

Anyways, there is more to the new kitefin shark and the papers are available on Plazi.

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